With over 45 years of composite insulator design and manufacturing expertise, Vexila is a well-established and reputable African manufacturer, offering customised, comprehensive components and tailored power solutions for medium to high voltage networks up to 765 kV.

Vexila comprises of a vertically integrated manufacturing facility, which produces its own cast-end fittings, pultruded composite cores and compounded silicone, allowing the factory to be self-reliant and responsive to the rapidly evolving customers’ needs.

We develop, produce, and distribute components and complete solutions that are particularly sensitive interfaces in modern energy networks. In this respect, Vexila is one of a few companies worldwide that offers solutions for the complete transmission chain of medium to high voltage. For our customers, this means optimal power solutions for all requirements, both for now and into the future.

Vexila’s composite insulators’ special features render them the perfect fit for mining-specific power infrastructure. These unique features include ease of handling and installation; pollution resistance; vandal resistance; and minimal maintenance.

  • The composite products are lightweight, making them cheaper to store, transport, handle and install.
  • The composite insulators are preferred in high pollution areas due to their aerodynamic housing design with minimal use of materials and exceptionally low maintenance requirements once installed.
  • The hydrophobic housing materials used assist in the prevention of contamination build-up on product surfaces (that may shorten lifespan) and reduce the need for in-service washing.
  • Vandalism of electrical infrastructure is a rising challenge, and one of the components most affected are ‘conventional’ insulators. Vexila’s composite insulators are vandal-resistant compared to other brittle technologies used for similar products.

Certain insulators may be manufactured with a coating application on the surface, but due to the anti-ageing properties of housing materials, the life span of composite products exceeds competing technologies. This makes Vexila’s composite products ideal for the mining environment.

Be assured of safe, reliable power solutions which are sample, and routine tested during the manufacturing process according to a certified ISO9001, 2015 Quality Management System.

Vexila’s reputable products can be found in critical electrical and rail infrastructure supporting the expansion of the South Africa’s Transnet ports, harbours and rail freight corridors including the 780 km Saldanha Iron ore line and the 600 km Richards Bay Coal Line Corridor.

As a pioneer in the design, manufacture and supply of composite fuse cut-outs and composite insulators which have been in use in Africa for over 25 and 40 years respectively, Vexila offers peace of mind for both electrical distribution and transmission infrastructure products for use in the extreme operating environment experienced by the mining sector.