Vexila, a proudly African original equipment manufacturer (OEM), has an extensive catalogue of products derived from its intellectual property addressing medium and high voltage electrical infrastructure in both the power and rail sector.

Vexila’s composite insulators, designed and certified to international specifications, are the core around which its fuse cut-outs and disconnectors are developed. The company offers overhead line hardware components, vibration damping devices and complete string assemblies ranging up to 765kV, addressing overhead transmission and distribution lines and railway infrastructure.

Vexila utilises comprehensive engineering, production planning and quality assurance systems to ensure customer satisfaction. The company manufactures its high-quality products at its South African factory from where its global distribution reach delivers them to its customers in Africa and around the world.

Key manufacturing facilities include:

  • Fibreglass reinforced polymer core pultrusion plant.
  • Silicone rubber injection moulding.
  • Gravity cast aluminium and ductile iron foundries.
  • Helical wireform production plant.
  • State of the art tool and die development and manufacturing facility, and
  • Key testing and laboratory facilities to support its manufacturing capability.

Railway catenary systems

Vexila provides ideal solutions for railway systems. The technology developed in-house to produce safe and reliable railway electrification material, offers a comprehensive range of clamps and compensating devices, complete with all necessary auxiliary equipment and tools.

This product line has been extended to include a broad range of silicone and section insulators, as well as catenary geometry measuring devices.

Substation hardware

Vexila manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of aluminium substation clamps for use in all electrical conductor applications. These clamps are manufactured to the company’s own designs and/or to meet specific customer requirements and specifications forming an integral part of the current path.

The detailed design, manufacture and testing of these products for operation under both normal and abnormal conditions, supports the integrity of the whole power network.

Africa’s first in composite insulator technology on Fuse Cutouts

Vexila is the first company in Africa to embrace and adopt composite insulator technology on fuse cut-outs and remains the only manufacturer of this product in South Africa, since the pioneering engineering of the product range more than twenty years ago.

In this composite insulator niche market, the company offers standard (medium pollution) to high creepage (high pollution) fuse cut-out products rated for 11kV to 33kV electrical systems, proven by successful in-field service operation in its customers’ networks.

The primary purpose of any cut-out is to provide protection for your electrical distribution system and the various apparatus on these lines, such as transformers and capacitor banks. Vexila cut-outs provide reliable protection for low-level, intermediate, and high-level faults for overhead electrical infrastructure.

With the use of a portable load-break tool, these cut-outs can function much like an overhead disconnect switch. Fuse tubes are designed to accommodate fuse links from 2 to 100 Amps. Standard Vexila cut-outs have maximum design voltage ratings to simplify the choice of cut-out.

It is noteworthy that Vexila is only the second company internationally to get a composite fuse cut-out technically approved into the Canadian market, under stringent CSA technical requirements for harsh environmental conditions.

Overhead and electrical infrastructure technology

Vexila provides sophisticated safe solutions, ensuring reliable power transmission in low-voltage and medium-voltage power networks that can not only withstand the harshest ambient conditions, comfortably addressing high pollution environments while providing maximum vandal resistance and ease of handling.

The development and manufacture of these products accordingly demand a great deal of experience and specialised know-how which Vexila offers.

Vexila stands for innovative, safe transmission and energy connections.

Since its inception, Vexila has been committed to innovative products, outstanding quality and excellent customer service. The company continues to focus on expanding its innovative portfolio of high-quality components for supply to the South African and export markets.