Vexila’s innovative solutions in the low, medium and high voltage sectors


As a proudly African company with a global presence, manufacturing high quality products for Africa and the world, Vexila stands for innovation, safe transmission, and energy connections that are easy to assemble and environmentally friendly.

Vexila (Pty) Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of Composite Insulators, Composite Cut-outs and a variety of Line Hardware Products for Electrical Rail, Transmission and Distribution Overhead Power Line Infrastructure. The company manufactures a wide range of high-quality products at its South African factory, from where it delivers to customers in Africa and around the world through its wide global distribution reach.


Insulators for high pollution, vandal-resistant, low maintenance environments

Vexila’s composite insulators guarantee safe and reliable electrical transmission infrastructure needs in high pollution, vandal-resistant, low maintenance environments, such as the mining industry. The composite products are lightweight – making it cheaper to store, transport, handle and install.

The composite insulators are mostly preferred in high pollution areas due to their aerodynamic housing design with minimal use of materials and exceptionally low maintenance requirements once installed. The hydrophobic housing materials used assist in the prevention of contamination build-up on product surfaces that may shorten their lifespan if conductive.

Furthermore, vandalism of electrical infrastructure continues to be a challenge. However, Vexila’s composite insulators have proven to be vandal-resistant compared to other brittle technologies used for similar products.

Due to the anti-ageing properties of housing materials, the life span of composite products exceeds competing technologies without any coating application on the surface. Due to this feature, Vexila’s composite product line is ideal for the mining environment.


Africa’s first in composite insulator technology on fuse cut-outs

Being the first company in Africa to embrace and adopt composite insulator technology on Fuse Cut-outs, Vexila remains the only manufacturer of this product in South Africa, after more than 20 years of pioneering engineering the product range. In this composite insulator niche composite insulator market, the company offers standard (medium pollution) to high creepage (high pollution) Fuse cut-out products rated for 11kV to 33kV electrical systems. Moreover, noteworthy, Vexila is only the second company internationally to get a composite Fuse Cut-out technically approved into the Canadian market under stringent CSA technical requirements for harsh environmental conditions.


Market leader

Vexila’s comprehensive in-house expertise and state-of-the-art technologies have ensured that the company is the market leader in the field of overhead electrical infrastructure products on the African continent. Vexila is the only company on the African continent that has successfully developed and manufactures composite insulators rated from 3kV up to 765kV.

Vexila’s composite insulator technology also extends to the rail sector where international projects have been successfully supplied such as the famous Euro-Tunnel Project (through SNCF). Vexila is the first and only South African developer and manufacturer of section and neutral section insulators supplied to the rail industry. This is the company’s contribution to seamless railway transportation of our mined minerals for the world. An extensive list of railway hardware supplied over the years has been successfully installed on projects such as Transnet’s 50kV AC upgrade to the Sishen – Saldanha iron ore line and the Gautrain project in South Africa.

For electrical transmission and distribution lines, Vexila develops and supplies overhead line hardware string assemblies and vibration damping products that manage aeolian vibrations and sub span oscillations to safeguard electrical networks from premature mechanical failures.


Necessary resources and expertise

Vexila has access to all the necessary resources and expertise to deliver a wide range of high-quality components and total solutions for today’s power supply systems and those of the future. The company is widely respected not only due to high quality products, but also the proficiency of its experienced and highly qualified engineering team.

Indeed, through the good reputation it has built in the niche of composite insulators, Vexila demonstrates that it lives up to its philosophy; ‘world respected composite technology that meets customers’ needs across electrical utility distribution and transmission companies internationally’.


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