above all – power!

Vexila is a proudly African company

We manufacture high quality products for Africa and the world. With a team of highly qualified and capable people, we design, plan, manufacture and manage complex supply projects.

About us

Safe. Reliable. Power.

Almost everything today is dependent on energy and infrastructure. Power, whether it is electrical, hydraulic or mechanical is the 24/7 driving force behind transportation, planes, factories, hospitals, business, agriculture, suburbs, cities, countries and the world. That’s where we come in. Our exceptional power delivery technologies and services keep the lights on and ensure that critical systems can be relied on.

First founded in 1972, we have proudly served the South African and export markets for decades. Over the years, we have grown into one of the largest manufacturers of composite insulators and line hardware on the African continent with the most complete product offering.

Vexila’s electrical technology solutions are designed for the transmission of power, including solar, hydroelectric and wind. You can rely on us to provide the products you need when it comes to electrical technology for overhead lines from distribution to ultra-high voltage transmission.

It’s the combination of accessible, intelligent solutions, decades of experience, skilled professionals and a sense of purpose that sets Vexila apart. We view our robust, secure power transmission and distribution solutions as the means to drive economic growth and enhance quality of life for millions across the globe.

A Proud member of the Thesele Group